Wall Flower Alpha

This is the first of my Wall Flowers. It is made of 15 sheets, each individually painted and is made of nested octagrams, or 8-pointed stars.

As with my other carvings, the Wall Flower mounts directly on the wall giving dimensionality to a space usually reserved for flat art. Alpha refers to the fact that this is the first of many Wall Flowers to come.

An informal definition of the term “wallflower” is a person who is shy or awkward at a party or who is standing alone on the periphery of the activities. They may appear to themselves or others as simple or plain with no interesting features. This is, of course, untrue as everyone has complexity and beauty, sometimes made up of nothing more than the interplay of their everyday traits.

Wall Flower Alpha begins as a simple square that is then modified by an equally simple square that is rotated by 45 degrees. This basic shape, the octagram, then nests inside of itself for several layers. Simple geometry that sounds like nothing special but which, nonetheless, produces depth and complexity in overlapping curves spiraling into eternity. Just like the human version.

This piece is 21.5 inches high, 21.5 inches wide, and 4 inches thick.

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