Knit Together

The title of this piece is referencing two scriptures: Mosiah 18:21 in the Book of Mormon and Colossians 2:2. Both references describe the leader of the people of Christ desiring that the people be knit together in love and unity. In both instances, the people were fairly newly converted to the Lord and the leaders were hoping to guide them from their disparate ways to a place of stability and strength. Similarly, I and the other members of my community come with different cultural, educational, economic, and philosophical backgrounds. Nevertheless, by weaving ourselves into the image of Christ, we find strength and love.

Knit Together uses at least 4 octagrams to represent Christ, with perhaps Christ at the center and the rest of us weaving our way toward, around, and together with him. The weavings eventually find their way to the center spiraling toward eternity.

I have drawn on 3 distinct sources for my symbolism: Celtic, Islamic, and early Christian. My intention with this is to further emphasize the many-faceted membership of the body of Christ.

This piece is 32 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 3/4 of an inch thick.

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