Seuss Cheese

Circle Packing is a mathematical playground where the most foundational known shape (the circle) is organized based on simple rules. In this world, your size is an afterthought; rather, your relationships with your neighbors drive everything.

Fractals are repeating patterns where the repeat is found in successively smaller details and, theoretically, continues infinitely. Seuss Cheese is a fractal of a circle packing. All the circles in the first generation (the top layer) are repeated inside of each of those circles with successive layers continuing the pattern. Seuss Cheese successfully represents 6 generations of the pattern.

While largely whimsical, this piece is an excellent junction of two themes that are very important to me. Circle Packing, for me, represents the beauty and strength of relationships in family and society. Fractals represent, for many people, eternity. Thus, Seuss Cheese, despite it’s playful coloring and name, involves some rather heavy symbolism.

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