Circle Packing is a mathematical playground where the most foundational known shape (the circle) is organized based on simple rules. In this world, your size is an afterthought; rather, your relationships with your neighbors drive everything. In this piece, every circle, with the exception of the boundary circles, has 6 neighbors; it is, at its root, a simple honeycomb. The flow of lines through the piece and the dramatic variation in size of each circle comes by modifying the size of certain circles and letting the math flow through the rest.

Flight is my second circle packing. It explores movement and freedom. It represents my most aggressive effort to break out of the traditional, framed rectangle. It is hung on the wall as 4 distinct pieces with clear wall space between. Additionally, it has 3 windows cut entirely through to the wall. Flight is not about thinking outside the box; Flight lives in a world where there are no boxes.

This piece is 29 inches high, 23 inches wide, and 3/4 of an inch thick.

See all my Previous Work.

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